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Frequently Asked Question!

No! However, everyone has a different Tea Journey based on their consistency while using this product. Individual results are optimized by adopting habits such as exercising and monitoring healthy nutrition. Such habits would include cleaner eating, drinking water daily that is equivalent to half your body weight in ounces and daily cardio. Note: TeDivina is not a substitution for water.

Most people experience no side effects. Although our products are natural, some interactions with certain medication may cause reactions. For that reason, feel free to share the ingredients with your medical provider as we do not make any medical claims.

Yes… How long it takes depends on your system and history of eating habits. Pooping is the elimination of unwanted waste and is good for your body. This does not mean you should have the runs (diarrhea) or discomfort from cramps. In those cases contact Your Girl Tasha to discuss adjustments to your steeping process and/or intake amounts.

No, it is in fact a waste loss tea which filtrates your body. As a result of using this product your Tea Journey begins with eliminating waste and unwanted toxins. Testimonial reviews have shown individual weight lost of an average of up to 7 lbs per week. TeDivina is the foundation of our product line while providing support to our weight loss products. Click here to request your Free Health Goals Discussion today. During our discussion you will learn about our weight loss line up and which products will best serve you during your Tea Journey.

Our 100% Certified Organic Ingredient includes two of the most powerful ancient medicinal mushrooms; Ganoderma Lucidum and Chaga. TeDivina is not a laxative and includes 0% Senna which is a harsh ingredient added to other brand names to help them work. In fact, TeDivina is gentle enough for a 5 year old to consume.

It all depends on you. Many clients have enjoyed the benefits of TeDivina for years and have taken advantage of our wholesale pricing opportunity. Request more information here.
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